Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s)

I need service right away. What do I do?

Call (323) 295-5505, (310) 991-8572 or (626) 584-7004 for immediate service.

What types of services do you provide?

Notarization of important documents such as Powers of Attorney, loan documents and submission release forms. Any document that would typically require a notarization.

Can you advise me on which type of notarization I require?

No. However, generally speaking, the wording on the document indicates which type of notarization that is required. The two most common forms are an acknowledgment or a jurat. When in doubt, you should contact the person requesting the notarization or the receiving agency.

Do you provide any forms?

The following forms are provided as a convenience and without warranty or representation. Please consult with an attorney if you're not sure if they will be appropriate in your particular situation.

Acknowledgment - California (fillable)
Advance Health Care Directive
Copy Certification - California
Jurat - California (fillable)
Power of Attorney
Travel Authorization Letter (Domestic)
Travel Authorization Letter (Foreign)

Can I pay electronically?

Yes, now you can pay for notary services electronically. Click on the services button for more information.

Can you give me legal advice?

No, only an attorney is allowed to give legal advice.

Can I sign the document before the notary arrives?

It depends. A document with jurat wording (typically an affidavit) MUST be signed in front of the notary. Documents with acknowledgment wording require only that the signer acknowledge signing the document. If in doubt, wait until the notary arrives before signing.

What types of indentification are required?

Typically, a current government ID or one issued within the last five years is acceptable. All IDs must include a physical description, photo, serial number and signature.

Are Social Security cards or Marriage licenses acceptable forms of ID?

No. They do not meet the above requirement.

Can a faxed document be notarized?

Only if it bears an original signature after it has been faxed. Under no circumstances can a faxed or photocopied signature be notarized.

Does the name on the document have to match my ID exactly?

Not necessarily. However, the name on the document can be no more than the name on the ID. For example, if the name on the ID is "John Martin Smith," the document can bear the names "John Smith," "John M. Smith," "J.M. Smith," but not "John Martin Taylor Smith" or "M. T. Smith."

Can you certify a copy of a passport?

Notaries are not allowed to do that in California. If acceptable to the receiving agency, we can do a "Copy Certification by the Document Custodian." In other words, the person holding the document certifies the document under oath.

Do you make housecalls?

Certainlly, that's what I do.

Can you notarize documents outside of Los Angeles County?

I can notarize documents throughout the state of California. However, I mainly service Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino counties.

Do you charge a traveling fee?

My fees are very low compared to what other traveling notaries charge. Rates are based on distance.

Can I come to you instead?

Because I travel thoughout the Los Angeles area, generally that is not practical. However, depending on my schedule, it sometimes can be arranged. PLEASE CALL.

Still have questions?

If so, please click here or call (323) 295-5505, (310) 991-8572 or (626) 584-7004 for faster service.

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